How do you Safely Combine FR Protection and Chemical Protection… and how can you Prove it?

FR workwear is one of the most common types of PPE and is used in multiple industries – notably in oil, gas, and petrochemical. And it is very common in these industries especially, that whilst wearing Primary FR protective clothing, workers also need chemical protection at the same time. But given most disposable and chemical suits are made of flammable polymers, how can you safely provide protection against both hazards? Get it wrong through inappropriate combinations of PPE and the consequences could be catastrophic.

This webinar considers the issues around combining FR and chemical protection, outlines the relevant standards, testing and their limitations, and considers the evidence for the effectiveness of the different options available.
Register for this webinar and discover: -

• How to be confident your FR workwear is effective
• What types of chemical protective clothing can be safely worn with FR workwear
• What evidence there is for assessment of combinations of chemical protective and FR workwear
• Just how effective the main options available are - and the evidence that proves it

Join Martin Lill, Director of International Marketing, Lakeland Industries, Inc.
In 2022, Martin Lill reaches thirty one years in the protective clothing business.

Three decades working in the development, marketing and sale of safety clothing with major global manufacturers of chemical and heat protective workwear including  managing CE certification of one of the first ranges of chemical suits in the world to be approved according to European standards.

This has resulted in a deep knowledge of the products, the standards and the pitfalls commonly found in protection of workers against hazardous chemicals in multiple industries.

Lakeland Protects People. Their products are used every day in a wide variety of industries as well as applications throughout the world. Used to ensure workers stay safe from harm by hazards including chemicals, flames and heat. Lakeland Industries Inc was founded over 30 years ago as the first manufacturer of nonwoven disposable coveralls. The company now manufactures a range of protection for body, hands and arms against chemical, flame and heat in a variety of disposable and woven fabrics. All key product manufacturing is done in-house through Lakeland’s global network of manufacturing facilities. With none being undertaken through contractors, so Lakeland maintains full control of design, production and quality. Lakeland is committed to ensuring all products continue to meet or exceed the latest international and also regional product standards. The network of regional sales divisions staffed by highly knowledgeable experts in the field, now covers five continents.

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