Spencer Pro Skid Evacuation Chair

The most important innovation is the use of passive slides which glide over the staircase with a high standard of safety and without requiring any effort.

An attentive study of the chair underlines a high esthetical value with a new concept of style. The rugged look is a mix of the technical details found in the unique form of the frame or the clearly original position of the seat. Precious aesthetic details are offered by the angled parts, the inclination of the telescopic backrest, the headrest adjustable in height and the leaning transport handle which is distinctively the continuation of the outline. A peculiarity of the ProSkid-E is that there is no support to maintain it in the vertical position.

An attentive study of new geometrical solutions offers the device complete stability even in this mode. ProSkid-E is equipped with its own exclusive handle system: the front telescopic handles offer the possibility to adjust the grip in depth so as to guarantee that the operator always has the best angle for both upward and downward movement while the rear handles can be completely folded away so which reduces clutter space during storage.

ProSkid-E is the product of a long term project which has made it extremely light and versatile and asks for no compromise regarding the conditions in which it can be used. The project has also studied solutions permitting maximum maneuverability in confined spaces and on staircases making staircase transport and building exit a simple operation.

The innovative sliding system allows the operator to control descent of the staircases without having to support any weight. Manufactured in aluminum with a special polished finish. Seat covers are in Spentex®. Front pivoting wheels with break Ø 100 x 32 Fixed rear wheels Ø 200 x 50 Pro Skid-E is supplied with two polypropylene belts 50 mm.

For more information on how to order the Spencer Pro Skid Evacuation Chair, please visit the ARASCA group website