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Skill Builder Tests The Aviva Half Mask
Scott Safety's claims are put to the test

In our Trade Tested videos we put manufacturers' claims about their products to the test.

In this video we try out the brand new Aviva Half Mask from PPE manufacturer Scott Safety.

The half mask, which is silicone-free but designed with silicone-like comfort, incorporates a reflex seal which allows the wearer added movement and flexibility, and a positive fit check button is built into the device which is said to guarantee a secure fit of the half mask.

Meanwhile the half mask's low-profile head harness is said to offer greater stability and compatibility with safety helmets and eye protection.

Enhanced voice intelligibility is said to enable the wearer to be clearly heard by those around ensuring clear lines of communication.

We put these claims to the test.

The AVIVA half mask is available for use with a wide range of filters permitting use of the device in a variety of applications and industrial situations such as asbestos removal, manufacturing, welding and pharmaceuticals.

*The manufacturers cover the cost of carrying out the testing but have no influence over the results.

For more information about the product see:

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