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Pyramex's H2Max Anti-Fog Coating
When you can’t control the elements, control your eyewear

The innovative technology behind the H2MAX creates a high performing, superior anti-fog coating that is durable enough to withstand repeated cleaning without losing adhesion.

  • Not only does this premium treatment ensure maximum clarity in the most extreme temperature and humidity conditions, but it also adds a layer to the lens that is abrasion, chemical, and UV-resistant.
  • The H2MAX anti-fog coating is made from non-hazardous environmental components.
  • Coating resists scratching from steel wool up to 100g weight.
  • H2MAX passes ANSI Z87.1 standards, CE standards for N & K, and Canadian certification CAN/CSA Z94.3
  • Steam Test: 40 cm away from the nozzle of the heat steam

Competing Anti-Fog: 2 minutes before fogging

H2MAX Anti-Fog: No fogging after 1 hour

  • Water Test: Dip lens in water for one hour, then place it 10 cm distance above water at 50°C

Competing Anti-Fog: 5 seconds before fogging

H2MAX Anti-Fog: 60 seconds before fogging

  • Rinsing Test: With soap water

Competing Anti-Fog: Cannot resist soap water rinsing

H2MAX Anti-Fog: Resists 10 times before fogging

  • Cleaning Test: Wipe the lens with Pyramex towelettes, on inner side and outer side. Then allow the lens to air dry before the next cleaning.

Competing Anti-Fog: Resists 5 cleanings before fogging

H2MAX Anti-Fog: Resists 20 cleanings before fogging

For more information on the H2MAX, Click here

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