VARIFLEX hand/finger impact protection solutions – factory direct OEM / PRIVATE LABEL design & development program available subject to volume.

VARIFLEX offers full hand coverage that’s extremely flexible & dextrous due to its innovative design, features & proprietary energy-absorbing material composition – PATENT PENDING.

1. I.E.S – Integrated Expansion Slots™ – the most significant innovative advancement are 3 strategically positioned expansion slots allowing knuckle points to move freely when the hand is clenched WITHOUT exposing the knuckles to impact like many inferior designs on the market.


2. F.T.P – Full Thumb Protection™ – unique design footprint provides crucial protection to entire thumb & knuckle joints, an area which is sadly left unprotected on almost all other impact guards! Features 2 patent-pending innovations alone – (1) three-way Integrated Expansion Slot on thumb interphalangeal joint to release pressure and improve comfort. (2) Full Flex Point at metacarpal joint for increased flexibility.


3. F.F.P – Full Flex Points™ – deeper/wider channels engineered into key areas that contour and flex, mimicking every finger and hand movement providing exceptional flexibility, comfort and reduced hand fatigue – another key aspect of our design and utility patent.