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uvex Profisystem Construction

Professional protection for construction professionals

The construction industry faces a wide range of challenges – with tasks ranging from preparatory site work and civil engineering to building installation and interior fitting. With every project, each party involved must work in flawless synergy with its counterparts – and the same is true of a perfect system of personal protective equipment.

For the first time, the uvex safety group is presenting a comprehensive PPE product system designed specifically for the construction sector at the A+A 2017 trade fair.

uvex has developed and selected more than 150 innovative PPE products that are specially tailored to the particular requirements of the construction industry and reliably protect employees. Grouped into more than 12 product categories, the uvex profisystem construction products provide optimum protection for all applications.

The uvex profisystem construction was developed for the following applications:

  • Road construction
  • Sewer line/pipeline construction
  • Plumbing/air-conditioning technology and heating installation
  • Bricklaying/stone masonry/paving work
  • Demolition/disassembly work
  • Bridge and tunnel construction/elevated road construction
  • Electrical installation
  • Concrete and plaster work
  • Construction machine management
  • Floor/tile laying
  • Painting/wallpapering
  • Smithery

Extreme noise? Dangerous sparks? Hazardous residual contamination? uvex has the right solution for any application – providing professional protection for employees from head to toe with products characterised by innovative technologies, an outstanding level of quality and a contemporary design.

Product examples:

Reliable safety helmets – essential kit for any construction site: The uvex pheos IES helmet features an integrated clip for the direct attachment of uvex pheos safety spectacles. This system keeps your eye protection exactly where it should be – including safely tucked away in the helmet if required.

Innovative safety spectacles for all construction industry applications: The uvex pheos cx2 provides reliable protection against construction site dust, and features an ergonomic eye shield for exceptional comfort – even during long-term wear.

Flexible safety gloves to enable your team to get to grips with the task at hand: The uvex phynomic XG glove fits like a second skin, and features an innovative coating for extra grip when handling oily workpieces.

Reliable hearing protection against extreme construction noise: Thanks to its extra-soft ear cushions, the uvex K4 is exceptionally comfortable to wear – while the eye-catching hi-vis design improves wearer visibility.

Robust safety shoes to provide solid foundations for your construction site team: The uvex 2 is equipped with the latest-generation metal-free protective toe cap, resulting in low-weight, ultra-flexible footwear that offers maximum wearer comfort.

Your team is guaranteed to be seen on any construction site: The highly water-resistant uvex protection active flash softshell jacket features a battery-powered light guide system for enhanced safety when visibility is poor.

In addition to products, uvex offers a comprehensive service concept as part of profisystem construction. As well as on-site application advice, automated consultation tools – such as the uvex Chemical Expert System for safety gloves – are also available. Furthermore, uvex can customise products in the safety spectacles, head protection and protective clothing ranges. For education and training purposes, customised in-house seminars and sector-specific events can be attended at the uvex academy in Fürth.

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The name uvex is not only to be found on innovative products in industrial safety, but also in sports and leisure. Products in the uvex sports group include ski goggles and helmets, riding helmets, cycling helmets, sports eyewear and motorsport racing helmets. As a partner for international top-level sport, uvex equips more than 1,000 professional athletes worldwide. As in the workplace, products must also meet the highest demands with regard to safety, function and wearer comfort in the world of sports. The transfer of knowledge between the two divisions fosters the continuous development of our products.