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Upgrade Your Safety Shower Now

Tank fed tepid water safety shower usable in any environment

It’s no longer an option to douse your workforce in cold water direct from the mains to wash off harmful contaminants. This can exacerbate injuries, even causing hypothermia due to the drench time needed to wash off chemical spills.

AQUA Safety Showers provides reliable and complete tepid water decontamination solutions. Our tank fed safety shower range is designed for use indoors and outside, from extreme heat down to minus 40 degrees C. Industry chooses our safety showers because of outstanding performance, reliable operation and long life - important for remote locations. For every enquiry, we assess your requirements and site conditions and specify the most effective tank fed safety shower solution to meet your needs. Call us for a no obligation quotation

Aqua Safety Showers International. Safety First - First for Safety

The TS1500 Tank Fed Shower from Aqua Safety Showers International - For more information, click here to download the datasheet

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Aqua Safety Showers International Ltd is a world-leading and independently owned UK manufacturer of emergency safety showers and eyebaths. Established in 2016 by a team of people drawn from engineering, management & sales backgrounds with over 40 years’ experience in the safety shower industry; each one having a common passion of creating an independent competitive company to provide standard and customised safety showers for the oil, gas, water and chemical industry.