Imagine an operator interface similar to your smart-phone. UNICUS 4i incorporates this same touchscreen technology to the operations panel, providing immediate operator interphase with the unit for system operations and fault condition assessment. Turn the compressor on, or off, from one touchscreen; Or control the processed air into or out of the onboard ASME air storage cylinders by the tap of a screen; Or perhaps fill your SCBA cylinders within a 3-position NFPA compliant containment fill station while at the same time controlling the function of individual fill pressures at each SCBA filling position.

If obtaining an accurate air sample for analysis, and locating a qualified lab has been a problem, we have the solution. Lab On Locale 2™ is a proprietary option which takes the guess work out of the equation. A specific hardware component is integrated into UNICUS 4i and at the keystroke on the operator interphase you have immediate access to a qualified third party lab over the internet. If you do not have access to an internet connection, no problem we can install a cell phone modem for you.

Data Logging. Did you know that every SCBA fill sequence should be logged in accordance with NFPA? If you are not logging the data and an accident occurs; then who knows the history of the SCBA, or how do you know who filled the cylinder? BAUER has taken the guess work out. Our optional RFID Technology utilizes proprietary antennas to read SCBA tags to record all data in accordance with NFPA.

Along these lines, not everyone has the same gas monitoring requirements. Our optional Gas-Tek™ sensor technology allows you to tailor the gas monitoring requirements to your specific needs. Included in our Gas-Tek system is a fault alarm with shutdown to prohibit it from processing contaminated air.

We manufacture all the key components within the UNICUS 4i system, so when you think high pressure breathing air, think BAUER – it has been in our DNA for 70-years.

Published: 15-06-16

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