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The Rigman Tencate Tecasafe plus

Comfortable against heat and flame

The Rigman Tencate Tecasafe plus ZK-XL9200 is made using the highly acclaimed Tencate Tecasafe® Plus collection of inherently heat- and flame-resistant fabrics. These range of products offer excellent protection against flash fires and electric arcs; while at the same time remaining soft and breathable with superior moisture management properties - thus making a user feel cooler, dryer and more comfortable. Since the fabric is available in 200gsm weight it becomes the best choice to be worn in hot and humid conditions which are more in the MENA region.

Certified by the leaders

The Rigman Tencate Tecasafe plus ZK-XL9200 fabric has been tested and certified under both American and European standards. Apart from this, the finished garments have been tested and certified by BS EN ISO 17025 accredited lab and testing authorities to ensure the compliance of garment. Tencate Tecasafe plus fabric has undergone the Instrumented mannequin test as per ISO 13506 test method. The Tencate Tecasafe plus fabric has been certified under the following certification standards:

  • NFPA 2112 - American - Protection against Industrial Flame and Heat Hazards
  • EN 11612 - European - Protection against Industrial Flame and Heat Hazards
  • EN 61482 - European - Electric Arc
  • EN 1149-5 - European - Anti-static

Make safety stylish

The Rigman Tencate Tecasafe plus ZK-XL9200 work wear can be produced in almost any color, design type and sizes. We can also customize it into customer specific patterns for both genders, with ready trial pieces and availability of stock to ensure quick turnarounds.

Rigman Tencate Tecasafe plus work wear are readily available through its distribution network in Europe, Middle East, Asian and Africa regions.

RIGMAN disposable respirators keeps user safe from particulate contaminations with its advanced best safety features and are one of the best-selling respirators in the markets. The electrostatic filter absorbs ever tiny particle that passes through and enhances the breathability with bigger voids between filter fibers reducing the resistance to flow of air. The respirators comply with NIOSH standards and European standards.

  • Low breathing resistance
  • Exhalation valves
  • Electrostatic fibers
  • High Filtration Level
  • Good Visibility
  • Standard: N95 & EN 149:2001 +A1 :2009

Our masks are designed to fit every face perfectly. The bands that can be adapted to the head and nose clip allows for a hermetic seal that makes it nearly impossible for particles and gases to penetrate the mask. The materials used to mask the inside makes the mask comfortable to wear for the worker and reduces humidity. If the worker uses protective glasses, this contributes to that the never gets fogged.

Breathing masks are delivered folded and individually packed in hygienic plastic bags. This makes it easy to always keep the masks clean. The shape of our masks so that they are comfortable, they do not prevent the user from seeing the good and they have a perfect fit.

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Rigman manufactures and supplies personal protective equipment for diverse industries like oilfield, construction and marine. Established in 1998 in the United Kingdom, it has become a force to reckon with in a short span of time for its wide range of robust & reliable safety products applicable across diverse environments. With a stress on innovation & quality, Rigman has taken strides to set new benchmarks in the industry, offering confidence and peace of mind to its customers.