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Technical Call for Papers

ADIPEC 2018 Downstream Technical sessions selection entry nearly over

As the industry continues to shift towards downstream diversification and expansion into higher value and niche markets, integration across the industry’s value chain plays a significant role. In line with industry developments, ADIPEC 2018 delivers enhanced downstream technical content with more sessions across more categories.

Over 3 days, the ADIPEC 2018 Downstream Technical sessions provide a holistic view of refinery and petrochemical integration, project developments and latest technologies that can help drive your business forward and improve your day-to-day operations.

The deadline to submit your abstracts is Thursday 24 May 2018.

Technical Categories Include:

Refining Technology, Operations and Marketing (RTOM)

  • Brownfield revamping, expansion, conversion and developments
  • Refining and petrochemical integration, supply chain management and feedstock maximisation: crude oil derivatives including naptha, LPG, NGL, shale gas, ethane gas
  • Refining technology and processing developments: catalytic and thermal cracking, advanced hydrocracker reaction and fractionation units, delayed coking units, contaminants removal, alkylation and polymerisation, isomerisation, energy efficiency
  • Heavy oil: flow measurement and control of heavy oil steam, metal contamination from heavy oil processing, desalting refinery heavy feeds
  • Bottom of the barrel upgrading
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions: technologies and innovations
  • New trends and emerging technologies for lubricants, fuels and base oils: product integrity, standards and legislations
  • Lubrication solutions for renewable energy applications
  • Advanced fuels marketing and distribution technologies from refinery to retail station: efficiency, safety and security
  • Energy transition, electric vehicles, batteries and storage technologies

Submit your abstracts here

Petrochemicals Technology, Operations (PTO)

  • Olefins (ethylene and propylene) and aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylene isomers): operations and technology developments
  • Petrochemical and refining integration, supply chain management and feedstock allocation, diversification and maximisation
  • Integration of bio-feedstock in petrochemical plants
  • On-purpose olefins production
  • Crude to chemicals
  • Naphtha and diesel transformation into more valuable products

Submit your abstracts here

Marketing and Distribution of Refined Products (MDRP)

  • New trends and emerging technologies for lubricants and base oils
  • Fuels and lubes product integrity, standards and legislations
  • Advanced fuels distribution technologies from refinery to retail station
  • Fuels distribution: efficiency, safety and security

Submit your abstracts here

Artificial Intelligence and Connected Performance Technology and Services (AICPTS)

  • Industrial internet of things (IIOT)
  • Advances in predictive analytics techniques and data handling technologies; legacy platform transitions
  • Big data collation, management and analysis within the refinery, petrochemical, gas processing plant
  • Smart, connected assets, devices and wireless technologies
  • Cloud engineering and virtual technology validation
  • Protecting oil and gas facilities: cyber and infrastructure security
  • Digital plants, integrated hardware, software, monitoring and predictive analytics
  • Digital transformation – optimising refinery performance: machine learning, robotics, blockchain

Submit your abstracts here

Gas Processing and Hydrogen Technology and Operations (GPHTO)

  • Sour gas processing, filtration and separation methods including acid, gas, water, condensate, oil
  • R&D relating to production and processing of natural gas
  • Modular gas processing plants
  • Advanced natural gas to olefins technology
  • Hydrogen recovery, upgrading and purification
  • Sulphur recovery and acid gas removal units

Submit your abstracts here

Project Management, Engineering Technology and Implementation (PMETI)

  • Successful project execution: engineering, procurement, supply chain, construction and management, cost optimisation
  • Mega project challenges in a low price oil environment: refining, petrochemicals, gas
  • Mitigating challenges during commissioning and startup operations: refining and petrochemicals

Submit your abstracts here

Operational Excellence, Maintenance and HSE (OEMH)

  • Health, safety, environment, security management, equipment and services across downstream plants
  • Risk and integrity management, interface challenges within the plant
  • Hazardous chemicals management
  • Reducing Opex: production efficiency, process reliability and margin improvement
  • Plant maintenance, upgrades, refurbishment, manufacturing and equipment
  • Process optimisation, trouble shooting and energy management in the refinery, petrochemical plant

Submit your abstracts here

Energy Efficiency and Energy Management (EEEM)

  • Technologies to meet new fuel specifications and support clean energy standards; gasoline vs diesel technology advances, refining configuration and conversation technologies
  • Asset management on energy efficiency, sustainability
  • Advances in biofuels, co-processing technologies and applications
  • Climate change, C02 reduction and environmental challenges

Submit your abstracts here

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