Running October 1 until the end of March 2019, the challenge is open to all construction companies with 30 or more workers registered with the Dubai Municipality.

Interested applicants are invited to fill in the e-participation form through the challenge link available in Dubai BPS system, but must do so ahead of the September 30 deadline.

Log in to Dubai BPS as a contractor in any of the steps from (2) to (5) and click on the Challenge link at the top of the screen titled “Zero Accident Construction Challenge”.

2-Fill in all required data as shown on the screen below, Save and submit.

As well as a certificate of participation for all contractors who join the challenge, the winning companies – awarded on World Labour Day, May 1 – will be honoured with incentives including a two-year commercial licence renewal and the ability to execute one project higher than the contractor’s degree (higher by three floors). What’s more, renewal of the commercial license will be valid for two consecutive years, rather than one.

This safety gauntlet set by the Dubai Municipality aims to raise the bar for safety on the Emirate’s construction projects through site by site self-censorship. By putting the onus on individual sites to keep themselves safe – not to mention the prospect of winning prestigious accolades – this competition hopes to make safety a priority, not an afterthought.

Contractors will be encouraged to take all possible preventative and precautionary measures to secure sites and protect workers. To enable this, many and varied methodologies of training and education, selected to meet the nature and needs of projects – will be implemented.