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SCENTY® Gas Detection Systems

Monitoring for your safety

Toxic and combustible gases can occur in almost any industrial or commercial production area.

Scenty® gas detection systems reliably protect against the invisible hazards of dangerous and toxic gas concentrations, for example in the food industry, metal-working industry and in chemical processes. They are used, for example, in underground car parks in residential and commercial buildings and in monitoring the CO2 content in conference rooms. The sensors are designed for a wide variety of measuring ranges and types of gasses. They protect against the risk of explosion, dangerously low or excessively high levels of oxygen and the risk of poisoning.

With our gas warning systems SCENTY® you increase the safety of your employees and meet the legal requirements for occupational safety, industrial safety regulations and accident prevention regulations.

SCENTY® is manufactured according to the proven modular system of HTK HAMBURG. The systems can be used by 1-8 analogue sensors and in parallel as a BUS system. The generously selected display allows the user to capture all important information at a glance. Alarms, faults and operating states are additionally signaled via LED displays. A simple intuitive operation and menu guide also contributes to safety.


  • Ventilation technology: Underground garages in residential and commercial buildings Road tunnels (CO, NOX) ; Monitoring the CO2 content in conference rooms
  • Workplace safety : AGW (formerly MAK monitoring) , occupational exposure limits control and explosion protection
  • Beverage industry: breweries, sparkling wine, CO2 - and O2 -measurement
  • Automotive industry: Paint shops Monitoring of organic solvents (toluene) , engine and brake test stands (CO, NOX, SO2 , CnHm, H2 ) Emission measurements
  • LPG storage: LPG (butane and propane) monitoring
  • Wastewater treatment plants: H2S, CO2, CH4, O2, H2 monitoring
  • Cold stores : leakage monitoring of NH3 , CO2 and Freon®
  • Agriculture: measuring systems for biogas
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