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SC Pilots Innovative Cooling Technology

Cooling towels provided to workers to help keep them cooler during work hours

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), the organisation responsible for delivering the infrastructure required to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, has begun rolling out innovative technologies designed to keep workers on official World Cup sites cool during the summer months. Around 1,000 on-site workers at Al Wakrah Stadium recently received "pioneering" cooling towels intended to provide relief during outdoor work.

The towels, which workers can wear on their necks, arms or in their pocket to create a cooling effect without restricting movement, will keep temperatures down for up to four hours after being submerged in water. A total of 9,400 towels will be deployed across all SC projects.

The towels are being distributed in parallel with two pilot programmes involving cooling technologies across multiple World Cup stadium construction sites. The first, which is undergoing trials at Al Wakrah Stadium, is a lightweight evaporative cooling vest that reduces heat stress and fatigue by cooling the upper body, where the cardiovascular system is located.

In addition, the SC is in the process of conducting trials of an innovative cooled helmet that can cool the wearer by up to 10C. The helmet, which has been developed with scientists from Qatar University and Aspire Zone Foundation, will also given to workers across SC's construction sites.

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