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Roodsafe System on Carrefour Roof

4000m of cable safety system installed

Roodsafe Height Safety system was the preferred and approved choice for the 4000m of cable safety system at the new Carrefour in Dubai, installed on a Kingspan Standing Seam Roof.

Roodsafe horizontal height safety systems offer a complete solution to working at height in all industry sectors with inclines up to 15 degrees, beyond 15 degrees the Roodsafe Vertical system is required. The ease of use of the LifeWheel travelling device allows end users to freely conduct the required duties at height in a safe manner.

Roodsafe systems are installed and commisioned fully in accordance with BSEN 795 & BSEN7883 only by companies approved by Roodsafe.

Roodsafe Horizontal systems require testing and inspection once every twelve months in accordance with BSEN 795, or immediately following the system being used in anger.

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Roodsafe was founded in 2000 and entered the Height Safety market with Ladder Restraint Anchors. This product was geared up to the domestic market and therefore Roodsafe is acknowledged as the first to successfully develop a removable ladder restraint system for the domestic market. Following the success of this product, Roodsafe, in 2002 launched a commercial Fall Arrest / Fall Restraint system which is an engineered cable based system. This product is a market leader and is supported by a global distribution network
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