Personnel Cleaning Booth By JetBlack Safety

Self-contained, free-standing de-dusting system


The JetBlack Safety Personnel Cleaning Booth is highly effective for removing, extracting and collecting dust and debris from employees’ dirty work clothes.

The Cleaning Booth incorporates the JetBlack Safety blower-powered personnel Cleaning Station. This unit delivers a high volume of filtered air at low pressure, sufficient to remove powders and dust effectively and safely, even when directed at exposed skin. In operation, the integrated Cleaning Station is used by Booth occupants to dislodge all dust and fibres. These are then drawn down and away from occupants through a grille floor by a vacuum effect created by an external blower. All removed materials are either collected in an H14 HEPA extractor or can be vented directly into a client’s existing exhaust system.

Extraction Options

Stand-alone Cyclone Extractor

This is a mobile cyclone dust extractor which is quiet in operation and features an automatic filter cleaning function for consistent performance.

• Motor Power 1.5kW (1Ph, 230V, 50Hz as standard)
• 1,600m3/hr air flow performance (12 air changes/min)
• Supplied with HEPA H14 polyester cartridge filter, plastic collection bag and heavy duty impeller
• Automatic filter cleaning for consistent performance
• Low noise levels 74dB(A) @ 3m
• Filter cartridge captures > 99.995% of dust 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter

Extraction Fan Unit

Where an existing extraction system may already be installed, we can offer a powerful centrifugal extraction fan unit. Please note that no filtration is supplied with this option.

• Motor Power 1.1kW (5Hp)
• 1 or 3Ph with a range of voltages available
• 1500m3/hr air flow performance
• Additional ducting can be supplied if required


  • OSHA Compliant
  • Safe and easy to operate / maintain
  • Robust, modular construction
  • Powerful ‘air shower’ effect
  • Incorporates the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station
  • Option of stand-alone Cyclone extractor
  • Indoor/Outdoor and walk-through options

Brought to you by

JetBlack™ Safety

The JetBlack™ Safety products are an easy-to-use alternative to compressed air that offer organisations peace of mind, and users a completely safe solution for personnel de-dusting.

Blower-driven air provides a safe, economical and highly effective means of removing deposits such as dust, fibres, water and more – from people, product surfaces or work environments. In fact, the low pressure, high velocity air produced by our systems poses no threat to human safety and can be safely directed at virtually any part of the human body and can even be used directly onto human skin.

Many companies around the World have successfully installed the JetBlack Safety range of Personnel Cleaning Equipment and have found them to be critical tools for successful OSHA compliant operations.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Quarrying/Stone/Aggregate Facilities
  • Plastic and Rubber Production
  • Cement and Plasterboard Manufacturing
  • Paper and Tissue Production
  • Carpet and General Textile Manufacturing
  • Powder Coating and Castings
  • Mining
  • Construction / Demolition
  • Wood Working & Forestry
  • Grain Milling / Agriculture

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