For years, firefighters and industrial workers were forced to rely on a singular-beam helmet-light despite its challenging limitations and safety concerns. This includes having to unnaturally bend and move to get light in the right places, often leading to on-site injuries and the blinding of other team members.

Today’s introduction of the Nightstick FORTEM XPP-5466 series Helmet-Mounted Flashlight solves these issues through the integration of its prestigious Dual-Light Technology. The new FORTEM helmet-mounted dual-light flashlight keeps the flashlight in front of them and places a floodlight at their feet to dramatically reduce the risk of trips, slips or falls.

“Set it, and forget it.” That’s the phrase used by a firefighter in Nightstick’s YouTube video showcasing the new Nightstick FORTEM Intrinsically Safe Helmet Light. The phrase effectively describes the convenience that compliments the performance of the 250 lumen flashlight and 115 lumen independent 45-degree angle downward floodlight.

The flashlight has low, medium, high and strobe functionality, while the floodlight features a survival function that gives the user a boosted runtime of up to 16 hours. The emphasis on safety and survival also extends to a rear-facing green LED light. Its presence makes it easy to identify others in a smoke or dust-filled environments.

“The safety benefits of the FORTEM are real and measurable,” says Russell Hoppe, Marketing Manager for Nightstick. “The FORTEM’s multi-angle flexibility of its “Set it, and forget it” mount system means our light won’t interfere with goggles, face shields or other gear. FORTEM means ‘BRAVE’ in Latin. It also means when someone enters a hazardous location, their bravery can be about dealing with the typical risks of the job and not the dangers of inadequate light.”

The intrinsically safe XPP-5466G and XPP-5466R models are CE and cULus certified and meet the requirements for NFPA-1971-8.6 (2013). They are also rated for use in Class I, Division 1, Zone 1 hazardous locations. Both are IP-67 rated dustproof/waterproof and come with two CR123 batteries. To learn more, please visit