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New ‘Washable’ Cooling Workwear For Middle East

TechNiche UK continues rapid business expansion

Following the success of its leading HyperKewl technology-based range of climate cooling apparel, TechNiche UK - the leading supplier of climate control solutions aimed at worker welfare - has swiftly responded to customer feedback and is launching HyperKewl+, a brand new, fully washable version of its HyperKewl fabric.

HyperKewl+ is based on the exclusive and patented properties of TechNiche UK’s innovative HyperKewl technology, which utilises a unique chemistry enabling the fabric to rapidly absorb and store water for up to 10 hours of evaporative cooling. For HyperKewl+, this technology has been carefully fine-tuned to greatly improve the absorbency rate of the fabric. In doing so, products manufactured from it are now able to be machine washed up to 40 times without detriment to the crucial high visibility of the fabric, as well as improving the hygiene, longevity and value of the product.

“This development is the latest result of TechNiche Europe’s on-going customer-centric approach to R&D,” explains James Russell, Managing Director, TechNiche UK. “The nature of the work at an industrial business means employees’ clothes are likely to get dirty, be it from oil, paint or debris. This can damage the high visibility of the jacket, negating its purpose of keeping employees safe within hazardous environments. We developed the highly durable, flexible and hygienic HyperKewl+ to address this issue, which is the only one of its kind in the market, strengthening our position as the supplier of the largest range of cooling and warming apparel globally.”

HyperKewl+ is being launched alongside a comprehensive portfolio of hygienic industrial clothing solutions based on cutting-edge cooling technologies. These include the company’s flagship HyperKewl cooling system and Coolpax, a lightweight ‘Phase Change Material’ (PCM) system comprised of non-toxic carbon based liquid that freezes at 14°C and when inserted into specially designed Coolpax pockets within a vest, remains cool for 3-5 hours.

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TechNiche Europe is a leading supplier of climate control solutions. The company’s comprehensive range of apparel products are used for a wide range of cooling and heating applications in a number of markets, including sports, industrial, military, medical, pet, equine and motorsports. TechNiche Europe’s product portfolio uses a host of patented technologies - including Evaporative, Phase Change Cooling, Air Activated Warming and Batter Powered Heating - that have been globally tested all over the world for broad selection of industries and purposes.