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New PPE Regulation Launched

Regulation (EU) 2016/425 will replace current 89/686/EEC regulation

(EU) 2016/425 shall be applied from 21st of April 2018, current holding CE certificates (Article 10) are valid to April 21st,2023. (unless they expire before the deadline.) Under the new regulation, The manufacturers must deliver the goods complying with new certification from April 2019.

Derekduck will also correspond with the new regulation to apply all the requested CE certifications from 2018.

The more key changing points are highline as following:

  1. Manufacturers should ensure that EU declaration of conformity can be accessed by a copy accompanied with products or by access via Internet.
  2. If PPE may be affected by aging, the month and year of manufacture must be marked on each item of PPE and on its packaging.
  3. Each PPE shall indicate the registered trade name or trademark, and the postal address of manufacturer / importer. (on its packaging or in a document accompanying the PPE)
  4. Type exam certificated is valid for 5 years and it has to be displayed on the certification.
  5. Some of specific terms have changed. (Article 10 / 11A / 11B are changed to Module B, Module C2 and Module D)

The market is very competitive but our company insists on doing the right thing to protect our customers and users. We are honor to tell your team that Derekduck will comply with all the new modification of regulation and ensure the quality of our coveralls meets the latest EU standard. We keep our commitment to you- “You are safe with us!”

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DEREKDUCK, established since 1992, has been devoting itself to the innovation, R&D and manufacture of nonwoven and introducing its products worldwide, so as be a pioneer in nonwoven industry in Taiwan. The products supplied, ranging from nonwoven related commodities for industrial, medical and consumer applications, cover three categories. By professional integrative capability, Derekduck offers hi-tech designed and shielding solutions to diverse customers to satisfy every need of public safety and medical protection.