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New Mobile Data App Released

App links with Dräger-Tube for mobile data collection

From now on, gas measurements with Dräger-Tubes can be documented digitally. To this end, Dräger is providing a free app for iOS and Android. The cumbersome manual filling-in of data into paperbound forms will thus no longer be necessary. Instead, this can be done via smartphone in a few steps and in 17 languages: Scan the tube, perform the measurement, capture the data and send the measurement protocol off via WhatsApp, email or another messenger service.

Dräger-Tubes are used in many areas such as for example manufacturing, firefighting, mining and shipping. Wherever it is essential to determine the concentration of a specific substance swiftly and reliably. However, the measuring results are still entered manually into a protocol. This entails a lot of maintenance effort, slows down processes and may even lead to errors.

The Dräger-Tubes App is now making the entire measuring and documenting process a lot more convenient. Especially in cases where an environment is to be released for safe access, great benefit is provided by the app. For in this way, measurement data can be transmitted much faster for assessment by a remote safety engineer, who is then able to make his recommendations for action without delay.

This is how the app works

Before making the measurement, the barcode on the packaging of the Dräger-Tubes is scanned using the smartphone. The app identifies the tube and automatically loads the appropriate data into the provided protocol. Thus, all the person entrusted with making the measurement has to do is read the value from the tube and enter it into the app. In addition, it is possible to attach photos or to capture position, temperature and air humidity data for enhanced documentation.

Thanks to the personalized user profile feature and utilization of favorites, the data can then be made available with a single click. Constantly recurring entering of data will thus be a thing of the past. Additionally, the measured values can be displayed and evaluated graphically, if desired.

The app reliably stores all protocols in the memory of the mobile phone. For comprehensive documentation, it is also possible to combine individual protocols into reports. Via email, WhatsApp or other messenger services, the data can be transmitted quickly and with ease.

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