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NEBOSH Sponsored RoSPA Awards Open for Entry

Organisations of all shapes and sizes now able to enter

Organisations of all shapes and sizes from across the world are now able to enter the 62nd RoSPA Health and Safety Awards, headline sponsored by NEBOSH. Applications opened on Monday (October 2).

For the first time, the application process for the awards will count towards the applicant’s CPD, making a RoSPA Award entry a great way to stay on top of professional development in the health and safety field.

Recognised as the most rigorous and respected health and safety awards scheme in the UK, the long-running initiative recognises organisations’ commitment to accident and ill-health prevention.

NEBOSH will be the headline sponsor for the thirteenth consecutive year. Click here to watch NEBOSH Chief Executive, Teresa Budworth outline some of the benefits that can be gained by entering.

The awards will be presented next year in London on June 19, Birmingham on July 4 and 5, and Glasgow on September 13.

Not only is a RoSPA Award a great reputational and morale boost for any organisation, but it can also help in career development for the health and safety professional.

Dawn Francis-Jones, Assistant Director of Health and Safety from South and City College Birmingham, winner of the Education and Training Services Sector at the RoSPA Awards 2017, commented: “When entering the RoSPA Awards, you are determining whether you are achieving the highest standards in health and safety. To do well, you need to have a passion for doing the right thing and aim for perfection – striving for these goals also allows me to improve my professional development, which in turn brings health and safety progress to the college.”

Julia Small, RoSPA’s Head of Qualifications, Awards and Events, said: “We’ve had a fantastic awards season in 2017, RoSPA’s centenary year, with nearly 2,000 entrants from across a range of sectors, and are hoping for an even bigger and better year in 2018.

“We advise anyone who is planning on entering to register and start the process as early as possible, not only to take advantage of the discount, but also to ensure they are as thorough as possible with their entry. There’s a reason that the entry process is so rigorous – we hold our winners to the highest possible industry standards, ensuring that the RoSPA Health and Safety Award is the most respected in the business.”

To enter for a non-competitive occupational health and safety achievement award, entrants need to register at by December 14, 2017, for the Birmingham and London ceremonies and April 27, 2018, for the Glasgow ceremony. There is an early registration discount for organisations that register by October 31, 2017.

For more information about the RoSPA Awards, or to request an entry form, visit

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Accidents are the biggest threat to you and your family for most your life. In fact, more than 14,000 people die as a result of accidents across the UK each year, while thousands more are maimed and millions are injured. Businesses are ruined. Families are devastated. Children grow up without parents, parents without children. Yet despite the scale and severity of the problem, accidents are still too often discussed with a shrug of the shoulders. There is a pervasive belief amongst some people that accidents are somehow inevitable. That they can't be stopped. Imagine if we took the same attitude towards child abuse. Or cancer. For almost 100 years, RoSPA has been quietly working behind the scenes to change both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents. From the compulsory wearing of seatbelts and the campaign to stop drink driving, to the Cycling Proficiency Test and to the more recent ban on handheld mobile phones behind the wheel, RoSPA has been instrumental in shaping our society for the better, preventing millions of deaths and serious injuries along the way. As a registered charity, we are committed to continuing this legacy of change.