LENZING™ is dedicated to the highest quality products and services that complement the needs of our partners in the Middle East, when it comes to smart solutions.

In relative terms, LENZING™ FR fabric blends are quite new to this region, but are now being rapidly accepted as an alternative FR product to the synthetic FR fabrics used in the past.

The key feature is LENZING™ FR blends not only provide protection, but also enable unsurpassed comfort properties. Numerous wear trials in the hot Middle East summers across a range of industries have proven successful in this direction.

It is noticeably clear that no single fabric is 100% suitable for every end-use application, and this is where the “LENZING™ FR Blend” concept has proven successful. LENZING™ FR fibres are always blended with other high-performance FR and Non-FR fibres to meet specific end-user needs, these blends cover a wide spectrum from Oil & Gas, Arc Flash, Metal Splash to Fire Fighting and Military/ Police usage.

LENZING™ has a clear and concise supply policy, only selling fibres, (not competing with our partners) but utilising strong trusted downstream supply partners to supply end-users with garments. Strong technical support is provided to our supply line partners, end-user support and education on these new blends. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring our down- stream supply partners, are offering fully certified products into the end-user markets. Regularly products are taken from the market for auditing and inspection to ensure genuine products have been supplied.

In recent years Lenzing has developed a range of LENZING™FR colour solution dyed fibres, so fibres are produced in coloured form, producing products with exceedingly high colourfastness properties, for washing and sunlight fading. Importantly, these fibres save resources as no dyes, chemicals, or energy are required during processing, and water usage is also vastly reduced.

LENZING Fibres are Head Quartered in Lenzing Austria and for years have implemented an extraordinarily strong corporate policy committing to sustainable growth, “Clean & Green” .

For more information on our Lenzing supply line into the Middle East please connect with the following.

Mr Oliver Spocker [email protected]  +43 664 243 775

Mr Geoffrey Wynn [email protected]  + 64 21 558 560

Mr Gunasekaran Muthusamy [email protected] +91 7875311284