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Leading Wellbeing Author and Speaker to Line-Up at IOSH 2019

Take centre stage at this year’s leading international health and safety conference

A best-selling author and renowned expert on optimising wellbeing, performance and resilience in workplaces will take centre stage at this year’s leading international health and safety conference.

At IOSH 2019, Dr John Briffa will explore how nutrition, physical activity, sleep and psychology can enhance employee wellbeing. He will talk delegates through building a wellbeing programme in their business and how this can boost the bottom line.

He will be among a number of high-profile and influential speakers at the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’s (IOSH) annual conference, at the ICC Birmingham, from 16-17 September.

"the event is aimed at health and safety professionals at all stages of their career, from those taking their first steps on the ladder to seasoned leaders, as well as others with an interest in worker protection"

Dr Briffa is a practicing doctor and author of highly-regarded books including A Great Day at the Office, as well as former columnist for the Daily Mail and the Observer.

He said: “Wellbeing issues are common in the workplace, and evidence shows they can take a considerable toll on productivity and profitability through factors such as absenteeism, ‘presenteeism’, engagement issues, lowered morale, increased staff turnover and compromised sustainability.

“Just one of these issues – disengagement – roughly halves productivity compared to when individuals are enthusiastic about and involved in their work. Associated factors such as stress and sleep issues compound issues.

“My session at IOSH 2019 serves a dual purpose, in that it will also reveal some simple and effective strategies for enhancing personal energy and effectiveness. There is plenty of ‘noise’ in this area, and my intention is to cut through the confusion, and bring clarity to an area which can sometimes be contentious and contradictory.

“I’ll be exploring themes in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, sleep and psychology. In each of these I’ll examine what science tells us about its relevance on wellbeing and performance. It’s been my overwhelming experience that individuals generally like to have things properly explained to them. It is only when the logical, rational part of the brain is satisfied that individuals feel motivated to make appropriate changes.

“However, action is critical, and key here is for the strategies to be relatively easy to remember and apply in our daily lives. So, for each strategy explored in the session, I will reveal the genuinely practical steps anyone can take to boost their vitality, general wellbeing and resilience.”

Dr Briffa added: “At the end of the session people may well have one, two or more simple but effective strategies that they can use right away to benefit them personally. But they may also leave the session with ideas that you can take back with you into your organisation to support your people and the business as a whole.”

The full IOSH 2019 programme is still in development. People can book their place by visiting Those who book before 19 July can take advantage of the early-bird offer.

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