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Is your PPE correctly CE Certified?

How do you know?

To be sold in Europe, PPE must be CE certified by law.

PPE is measured against the EU performance standards that are in place for an extensive range products and accessories, protecting against chemicals, heat and flames.

Regions beyond Europe are increasingly looking for CE certified products to ensure that PPE is up to standard for their workforce. Whilst not a legal requirement outside Europe, ensuring any PPE used is CE certified ensures it comes up to minimum performance standards and thus will do the job the manufacturer claims. Without it you have no assurance PPE meets any level of performance at all!

However, there are many products around the world that appear to be CE certified - but are not.

Safety Managers then face a problem - how can you tell if a garment is correctly CE certified or not?

Download our CE certification leaflet to discover:

  • The key features you should look for on a CE certification product label
  • Highlighted examples of non CE-Certified products
  • Advice on what to do if you encounter non-CE Certified products

Click here to download

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