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Introducing NSL

Global provider of training, advice and expertise in lifting

For over 25 years NSL have been considered to be the leading provider of Training Services and Teaching Documents to the majority of International Oil Operators, Service Companies and Major Contractors worldwide.

Our success is due to sticking to what we are best at and doing it well. We liaise with Government Health & Safety Departments internationally and produce user-friendly procedural documents, training aids and training courses to help companies comply with legislation, regulations and industry safety standards.

The safety culture in the Oil & Gas Industry is a very important issue, and our services are increasingly in demand overseas. We regularly supply training to all of the high activity global oil regions. In addition to training and onsite coaching at our clients’ facilities, we also operate training centres in various international locations.

We translate all our products into various languages to reflect the geographical locations of oil and gas exploration and production. All our products and services as a minimum, meet legislative, regulatory and industry requirements but tend to set a lot higher standard as expected by the oil and gas industry.

With the majority of our products translated into the popular languages of the oilfield such as American English, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic, it has enabled us to deliver training and supply safety-training material, to over 35 countries.

Some of our services include:

Onsite Personnel

Independent Technical Reviews & Appraisals

This is a service where our Technical Advisors make a field visit to review either: systems of work; performance levels of personnel (including Crane Operator Assessments to international standards); or standards of maintenance on plant and equipment with a view to their safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Provision of Management Facilities & Services

The placement of specialist personnel qualified in the field of crane operations, mechanical handling and / or lifting equipment to control all aspects of lifting operations.

Engineering Design & Rigging Supervision Services

This is a specialist service dealing with all mechanical handling and installation problems incorporating everything from the initial offshore survey to the production of the final implementation work pack.

The Site Competent Person / Technical Authority

NSL are now offering multi-disciplined Lifting Specialists / Technical Authorities on long or short-term contracts.

All of our specialists have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the lifting industry, supported by NSL’s Technical Department and must complete rigorous in-house training programmes prior to going on contract.

Practical Training

NSL offer a range of training courses delivered at our specialised training facilities in Aberdeen, Scotland; Houston, Texas; Broussard, Louisiana and also via our Mobile Training Unit.

As well as our core subjects, NSL also have a number of specialised courses covering a large variety of subjects. Our courses are usually delivered at an NSL Training Centre, but can be delivered at a clients’ premises. Bespoke courses can also be delivered, these can feature company specific elements combined with elements from any of our courses.

Our custom-built UK and US training centres are proving a great success with approvals granted by the national and international training and award body EMTA Awards Ltd (EAL). We are actively participating with industry work groups such as IADC, Oil and Gas UK and IMCA to raise standards and provide dedicated training courses and support materials to improve the skills of the Oil and Gas Industry workforce and hence improve safety overall

To facilitate delivering NSL training and NSL / EAL competence standards worldwide, we are now appointing selected training partners in strategic locations to suit the ever developing Oil and Gas Industry. Before any agreement is put in place, these companies are vetted by the NSL quality assurance team / technical department and their training facilities upgraded as required to be able to deliver the practical exercises. This normally involves the fabrication and installation of steel towers and rigging support steel framework.

Their instructors are then trained by senior NSL staff to deliver the NSL training courses to the high standards that NSL / EAL maintain and thereafter, the companies are audited on a regular basis. All certification and competence documentation is routed through NSL qualified skills assessors so that we can keep a tight control on the quality of the product.

Click here to learn how to book one of our courses.

Technical Consultancy

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are essential documents, which enable lifting operations to be carried out safely and consistently. Policies set a company’s philosophies and boundaries, whereas procedures detail the series of steps that are needed to accomplish specific tasks. Together, they provide a framework in which decisions can be made.

Lifting Equipment Control and Operation Procedure (LECOP)

Companies can save time and money by purchasing an NSL LECOP, which contains a policy document and procedures on all aspects of lifting operations including, but not limited to; the initial selection of the correct equipment through to procurement, storage, rigging loft operations, issuing control, pre-use inspection, safe use of equipment and accessories, routine examinations, maintenance, repairs and certification. It also contains guidance on personnel competence, the planning of lifting operations and risk assessment.

Sample LECOP index

Lifting Operations Procedures (Workforce)

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning and Risk Assessment
  3. Pre-use Inspection Procedures (for use by personnel / users)
  4. Mobile Crane Operations
  5. Forklift Operations
  6. Rigging Loft Operations
  7. General Crane Operations
  8. Man Riding Operations
  9. Country / Work Site / Installation Specific

Appendices Quick Reference Index

Support Procedures (Supervisory Level)

  1. General Information
  2. Illustrated Technical Reference Manual on Lifting Equipment
  3. Data for the Procurement of Lifting Equipment and Accessories
  4. Control Documents for the Hiring of Lifting Equipment and Usage of Contractor’s Gear
  5. Maintenance of Equipment
  6. Written Scheme of Examination
  7. Company Special Instructions / Standards
  8. Reference Documents and Standards

The Policy Document (Management Level)

  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose
  3. Scope
  4. Definitions
  5. Reference Documents and Standards
  6. Activities - Controlling Procedures
  7. Roles and Responsibilities (Offshore / Onshore)
  8. Third Party Responsibilities
  9. Training and Competence

For more information, or to contact us, please visit our website, or email us at

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NSL have been providing technical expertise and training to the lifting industry for over 25 years. During these years we have developed a global network of experienced specialists working on-site and at training centres in key locations worldwide.