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How safely do you work?

unsafe work Can lead to serious injury

Lack of risk assessments, training and instructions have again resulted in serious injuries for an employee and a £60,000 fine for the employer – an Electric Engineering Contractor.

In the latest incident the employee was injured when a top heavy 650-750kg electrical control panel fell whilst he was trying to move it. He was left trapped on the ground with the left and right side of his lower pelvis split apart in a life changing injury.

It was concluded in court that the company in question had failed to both properly assess the risks involved and also to provide both a safe system of work and the proper instructions and training for moving the panel.

Those in control of work are responsible for assessing risk and for devising safe methods of working which their employees should subsequently be trained in. In this instance had the company ensured that their employees were following a safe system of work, created through correct planning, then these life changing injuries could have been prevented.

Within a safe system of work consideration is given to anything required to ensure work is carried out safely including the scheduled checking of equipment and display of the results, up to date signage, labelling and the highlighting of any potential hazards.

Here at Spectrum Industrial we offer an extensive range of safety products. Our new Electrical Safety Solutions catalogue incorporates Electrical Labels such as “Warning Isolate Elsewhere”, “Danger High Voltage” and “PAT Testing”. Also highlighted is a selection of our extensive Lockout Tagout range – perfect for assisting in the implementation of safe working, as well as Tagging Systems and Safety Signs, all of which are paramount in assessing risk and working safely.

You can contact us to order your free copy or for further information on 01302 800273 or by email to

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Spectrum Industrial is a British manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience of providing businesses with solutions to help identify, manage and reduce safety risks and hazards in the workplace. Our range of over 5000 safety products include Health and Safety Signs, Lockout Tagout and Inspection and Monitoring Products including Scaffolding Tags and Ladder Safety Tags. With in-house qualified safety expertise we are able to assist our distributors with site surveys and full training support.