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How Our Health Kiosk Can Produce Efficiencies

Simple to use kiosk allows employees to monitor own health

The Lifestyle Checkpoint Interactive Health & Wellbeing kiosk can allow employees or patients to monitor their own health and wellbeing at a time convenient to them, but at the same time upload the data to any electronic patient or occupational health records system. Therefore, this avoids the need to have a qualified nurse to supervise the kiosk and allows the user to take their tests, when convenient.

The benefits of this are that your medical centre or surgery can not only allow the qualified medical personnel to focus on the more intrusive or specialist tests but avoids patients or employees being frustrated by not being able to get a suitable appointment.

The kiosk is simple to use, with no supervision required, and measures Height, Weight, BMI, Total Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Hydration Levels, Metabolic Rates, Upper Arm Blood Pressure, Body Temperature and Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels. All tests are completed within 3 – 4 minutes. Alongside the information being uploaded, the user receives their own personalised report that has normal/ideal ranges next to each measurement, so they can fully understand the results as well.

With smart card technology, Wifi enabled and capabilities to add additional lifestyle questionnaires, the kiosk is a major step forward in producing efficiencies in any medical centre or surgery.

For more details regarding the interactive Lifestyle Checkpoint kiosk, please visit

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