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Firefighting Leaps Into Future With Scott Safety

New in-mask intelligence system created

Scott Safety’s commitment to helping everyday heroes has taken a giant leap forward with the launch of a firefighting industry first - Scott Sight – an in-mask thermal imaging intelligence system. This ground-breaking system brings the future of firefighting into clear view for those on the front line and is set to revolutionise the industry.

The innovative thermal imaging technology enables integration of a lightweight thermal-imaging camera within the mask’s display, providing firefighters with a clear, unobstructed view of their surroundings by keeping a thermal image in view at all times.

The hands-free thermal imaging technology improves firefighters’ situational intelligence and eradicates the need to stop searching or put the hose down to deploy a hand-held camera, while also improving firefighter hot zone accountability.

Although exceptionally lightweight at 240 grams, Scott Sight is very powerful producing a 160x120 resolution at 9 frames per second through an infinity lens which ensures a clear picture with no eyestrain.

Longin Kloc, Global Product Manager, Growth Initiatives from Scott Safety, said: “We are extremely proud to launch such an innovative product for the firefighting industry. Scott Sight really is a sophisticated imaging tool - it supplements existing hand-held technology by offering configurable hands-free visibility to the wearer in often inhospitable situations.

“To create Scott Sight, we worked very closely with firefighters to develop a thermal imaging solution that is more accessible and easier to use. This means that the wearer’s attention can stay focused on the fire, enhancing the ability to spot hazards and locate casualties, while also providing the means to identify a secondary egress in the event of a sudden change in circumstances.”

An additional benefit of Scott Sight is that it can be configured to suit the individual wearer’s needs. The display can be set to the wearer’s line of sight and various user interfaces are available to suit different tastes. Hot spot and ambient temperature settings can also be selected.

Scott Sight is currently compatible with the new AV-3000 EN firefighting mask from Scott Safety.

As world leaders in the design, manufacture and sale of high performance products for the fire services, Scott Safety remains committed to improving firefighter safety by developing market-leading products.

For further information about the benefits of Scott Sight, visit

To watch the product video, click here

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