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Dubai designs present fire safety challenges

Inspectors struggling to keep pace with latest construction technologies and materials used in developments

Changing technologies and new construction materials used in the latest grand designs are putting pressure on regulators to ensure buildings comply with new safety standards.

Global experts on fire safety and building codes have been discussing implementing and enforcing the latest building codes at a conference in Dubai.

Strict new guidelines on the use of fire resistant cladding is a major aspect of a new building code introduced this year, and part of pro-active solutions to improve safety in UAE skyscrapers.

Adrian Brown, fire service adviser at Dubai Civil Defence, said safety reviews are ongoing and will be regularly reviewed when incidents arise.

“Technology and construction is moving at a faster rate, so guidance maybe slightly behind the curve,” he said.

“It is ongoing work as to the performance of buildings in fire and building products and systems will always be reviewed for performance after each fire.

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