Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, more people have been discarding gloves on streets and sidewalks. This is unhealthy for our community and environment.

To reduce cross-contamination and environmental pollution, please discard used gloves in proper receptacles.

In most cases, single use gloves should be thrown into a lined trash bin after use.

Disposable gloves provide a critical layer of protection against hazardous substances. It’s important to properly remove gloves to avoid transferring contaminants to the hands and skin. Improper disposal after use greatly increases the chance of transferring that contamination.

In some instances, a disposable glove is considered medical waste.

Disposable gloves used in patient contact and/or exposed to blood and other bodily fluids may be contaminated with hazardous substances, like viruses, and should be disposed of in medical waste bins. According to the WHO, it’s important to follow local guidelines for medical waste to ensure they don’t spread contamination.*

Did you know?
Improperly disposed gloves can tear and break into smaller pieces, making them difficult to retrieve and throw away. Most improperly disposed gloves end up in nature and oceans, polluting the environment and causing harm to the wildlife.

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