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Design Risk Management Workshops

A one day workshop by IIRSM

Developed in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), these workshops are intended to provide construction industry designers, clients, contractors and other practitioners and professionals with knowledge of how to facilitate a CDM Project review Process on a real Case Study Project of various scales and type.

All delegates will collaboratively identify significant risks, mitigate their impact, record the significant findings and produce suitable information to communicate these measures with others. Delegates will practically work on one project whilst also witnessing feedback from the other three projects.

Receive 10% off when you book before 31 October 2017. Discount will be applied when you checkout.

Early bird price:

£157.50 + VAT (IIRSM and RIBA members)

£179 + VAT (non-members)

Full price from 1 November 2017

£175 + VAT (IIRSM and RIBA members)

£199 + VAT (non-members)


Delegates must be prepared to carry out CDM Workshop Reviews with other delegates in groups and present back their findings to all groups at plenary sessions.

They will be preselected for these projects and given relevant project briefing documents and visual information Introduction to the day.


Registration/networking (coffee & tea)




Explaining Intent and expectations of the workshopping arrangements for 4 types of project including:

  • Infrastructure/manufacturing - ICE
  • Architectural - RIBA
  • Average size surveying type project - RICS
  • Complex Construction project - TBC

10.15 to 11.30

  1. Concept Stage – Briefing
  2. Introduction
  3. Teams provided with an A4 project brief and scope of works with location, site and design drawings for a “workshop project team“ to understand the extent and scope of the project.
  4. Groups will prepare a written Strategy Brief document based upon this briefing.


Coffee break

11:45 – 13:15

  1. Initial CDM Review -Risk Identification
  2. Introduction – “Significant Risk Identification” Health and Safety
  3. Identification of “Significant project risks” (not routine normal risks)
  4. Capture and record these in a coherent way for later discussion and analysis?




  1. Detailed CDM Review
  2. Introduction - Mitigating and Managing Risks, sfarp
  3. “Significant Project Risks” analysed and mitigated and collaborative decisions recorded.
  4. Applying the Principles of Prevention and taking into account all other project factors, sfarp.
  5. Capture these decisions and their rationale and report back to the audience/others


Coffee break


  1. Risk Documentation, Communication & Future Asset Management
  2. Introduction - How are these “Significant findings” communicated with the workforce?
  3. How are the they managed, reviewed and developed at subsequent workstages.
  4. How are they communicated with the client and Facilities Management team for future understanding and implementation


  1. Conclusions
  2. Final Conclusions by Facilitators and Group leaders
  3. Do different Design disciplines have a different approach?
  4. Can different disciplines learn from each other?
  5. Q&A



To sign up, please visit the IIRSM website

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