Rebo Systems are delighted to highlight the progress and extension of service and support their partners, Label Markers Co, have made in recent years to secure larger and more influential contracts and customers in the greater MENA arena.

With over 45 years in the Industrial Safety Sign Printer business, Rebo, a Netherlands based business, has recently transitioned to a full manufacturer of its own innovative SMS R1 as well as being a key OEM supplier Internationally.

As Rebo Systems International business has grown, its capacity as a smaller, family run business has set it apart from the traditional Corporate players with its close customer care and its sensitivity to customer’s needs.

Clinton Church, Sales and Marketing Manager of Rebo Systems comments; “I have always known the MENA area is rich in Industry and has an ever growing recognition of the need to protect, inform and nurture its work forces and professionally identify its process industries. Recent promotional activities using HSME and our partnership with LMC has seen a surprising and welcome increase in MENA business of over 16% in the last two years.”

Labels Markers Co. was founded by a team of specialist with over 12 years of experience in the visual safety system and labelling sector.

Customers ask us “Why LMC?” says Fatima Abdallah, LMC’s marketing Manager “ and it’s because we provide labelling to the whole of the MENA region, offering European products conforming to the highest international safety standards”.

LMC are steadily securing more of the labelling market, especially in KSA,  where they’re teaming up with Core Team Markers Co. and taking on several huge projects together.

LMC is not only about high quality printers and products, but they strive to create a successful business ecosystem with contractors, engineers, and all specialists of the labelling world.

Bilal Mheidly, a leading manager in LMC with decades of experience makes the observation: “ a safe work environment isn’t just about placing labels ‘here and there’, it is an art form with an intricate approach and methodology that tailors labelling needs to the absolute smallest detail. Every detail matters to LMC, from the biggest sign label to the miniscule data cable tag, it is all the stepping stone to healthier and safer work space.”

The greatest asset LMC and Rebo Systems has is its wealth of experience and its unique range of services and products. Specialist from LMC offer themselves as ID Engineers and work hard to make compliance and ongoing safety an easier and more successful achievement for busy plant managers, safety professionals and process engineers.

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