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Construction 3D Printing Tech Coming to Dubai

Dubai Will be 3d printing buildings in the near future

In an interview given to Gulf News recently, he explained that there are two methods of 3D printing — the first invented by Iranian engineer Behrokh Khoshnevis and the second by Dini himself — D-Shape.

The Khoshnevis method is known as Contour Crafting, which is a layered fabrication technology using a single nozzle, the technology for which has been used by WinSun in China and several other companies globally.

Dini remarks that WinSun was behind the first 3D-printed office in Dubai using pre-fab modular construction techniques.

He claims: “This technology is called 3D plotting or extrusion-based technology and it is not real 3D digital printing. Extrusion-based technology cannot compete or offer organic design,” adding that his technology “gives a new language to architects.”

“To understand how I plan to print houses, you have to picture a block of concrete. Now slice it in layers in your mind. Then reverse the process, starting with layers and building them up to make physical objects,” he said.

Created in 2007, the original D-Shape printer was the world’s first construction scale 3D printing technology. The printer consolidates crushed dolomitic limestone into a solid-stone printing material.

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