AWE was formed out of a passion for solving problems in challenging environments, whether it be hazardous areas, difficult to clean applications or difficult to pump product.

With safety at the forefront of what we do, we offer the most advanced automated and robotic equipment for cleaning and the removal of waste and product from confined spaces and hazardous areas – including fixed and floating roof tanks for crude oil and petrochemical products, sludge pits and lagoons.

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At AWE, our mission is to champion a safer and more efficient environment for our customers and their workforce. We understand the problems our customers can face in industrial cleaning applications:

  • Time pressures on turnaround and maintenance scopes
  • Requests for online cleaning to eliminate shutdowns
  • Obtaining permits to work, mobilization and training of personnel
  • Most importantly, maintaining safe practices for your workforce and reputation in the market

AWE provide solutions that address these.

Offering advanced automation and robotics equipment for cleaning & removal of product in hazardous areas and confined spaces such as cooling tower basins, vessels and storage tanks & pits, our solutions can cut cleaning time by up to 45% over conventional methods. Our robots are a truly no-man-entry solution, meaning less human exposure to the risk of harmful petroleum and chemical products or working in explosive environments. Why continue to expose people when there is a faster, better, safer solution?

We offer both sale and rental options to suit your project requirements and have a team of expert operators ready to mobilize, backed up by years of industry knowledge and functional expertise gained across energy & petrochemical, marine & offshore and construction sectors. Renowned for our flexibility, reliability and support, AWE continues to be a leader in our field helping you save time, cost and better protect your team.

With 15 years of operation in the Middle East and over 900 of the most robust, reliable water-jetting and centrifugal packages in the market we’re ready to serve you from our local bases. We thrive on challenges and are motivated by excellence in what we do – we’re here to help you protect and perform!

United Arab Emirates – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Singapore

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