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A New First in Comfort and Safety

Carrington are raising the bar with its flagship Inherent fabric

Challenged to raise the bar and deliver the first-ever GO/RT 3279 inherent fabric in a multi layer, we responded with Flameban Max 310 Pro 3 – which is now the flagship product in the Carrington inherent range.

We achieved this though a combination of Protal 5 branded fibre and an innovative blend, resulting in a lightweight 410 g/m² GO/RT three layered fabric that is ATPV rated to 28 cal/m² and EN 343-3 waterproof and breathable.

The construction includes aramid to deliver the highest performance levels on strength to weight ratio, along with excellent arc rating. So now, having a fully waterproof flame retardant garment with electric arc means that the traditional many-layered garment system can be significantly reduced. This in turn brings the advantages of greater wearer comfort, and extended use due to the hardwearing fibres.

Already being taken up by major companies in the utilities sector, this revolutionary fabric is available in GO/RT 3279 Hi Vis Orange and Hi Vis Yellow to EN20471. It incorporates a polyester face fabric, and is compliant to EN 343 Class 3:3.

In a market previously dominated by aramid-only fabrics, Flameban Max 310 Pro 3 creates new opportunities in garments that deliver new levels of safety, comfort and performance.

To find out more about the Flameban Max 310 Pro 3, click here.

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Carrington is the largest producer of workwear fabrics in Europe, exporting to more than 75 countries worldwide and producing over 40 million metres of fabric annually. Based in Lancashire, where British textiles began, we have over 125 years’ experience of textile processing and finishing. This is supported by massive investments in one of Europe’s largest fully integrated textile processing and finishing operations. Throughout Europe, and beyond, millions of people go about their tasks in workwear made from our fabrics.