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The problem

Risk management of workers and the public where there are restricted areas, hazardous sites and confined space issues accessed by an aperture. Signage is essential to highlight the danger and obstructions are needed to restrict ingress into these areas, as well as escape routing indicated by our windsock installations to get safely to rescue meeting points on your plant.

The solutions

Because everybody wants to go home healthy after a long work shift, Relexim’s safety solutions are: the Relexim Multi-Barrier Pro X, the Relexim manhole barrier, and windsock installations.

The Relexim Multi-Barrier Pro X

The Relexim Multi-Barrier Pro X is very flexible and suitable for signing and restricting access to a broad range of out-of-bounds and hazardous areas via apertures, gaps, doorways, windows, openings, vents, and works corridors.

Further advantages include:

  • Can also be used for lock out tag – These barriers operate effectively with openings made of metal, wood, masonry / brick, polycarbonate / rubber / plastic. They are robust enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, the physical demands of an operational work site and hazardous chemicals
  • Robust – Made of powder-coated aluminium with RVS steel bolts and reflective engineering grade tape (class 1)
  • Flexible – RVS steel screw bolts at the end of the arms enable the barrier to be adjusted to fit the aperture and then tightened, to secure it firmly in place. Made in Holland, they come in six sizes: 25-45cm; 45-62cm; 64-83cm; 83-112cm;141-170cm; 170-200cm and can be custom sized
  • Green – The aluminium components can be recycled, while the powder paint has a low environmental impact

The Relexim manhole barrier

The Relexim manhole barrier is ideal for securing the entrance and exit to large storage facilities, tanks or pipes where bolts are used to secure it in place.

Windsock installations

The Swiffel Frame is light weight aluminium and the polyamide socks will make them very durable. Also available in complete aluminium, this will last for over seven years which will reduce your maintenance cost by 80%.


  • Oil and gas – Shell, Esso, BP, Lukoil (Russian), NAM (Dutch)
  • Utilities
  • Local councils and governmental organisations
  • Construction
  • Highway and rail maintenance
  • Emergency services
  • Warehouse and logistic management organisations

These barriers have a six year proven track record of use in the field in northern Europe and Asia and are used to comply with OSHA regulations. Relexim is innovating further on this product by adding a bespoke barrier management app, so that when customers access manholes and enclosed spaces, Relexim can ensure the optimum in safety, maintainability, and registration and auditability.

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